Stopped Chart.jpg

Stopped Chart

A stopped chart that shows the tendencies of every note in the harmonic series and the fingerings that work best for each note. The chart goes through F Horn and B-flat Horn fingerings for playing stopped horn. The original version was a hand written chart that was mostly illegible, I created this cleaner version.

Breathing Exercises

These breathing exercises are based on the exercises of Charles Vernon, bass trombonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The original version was hand written by Vernon, I created this cleaner version for the Oklahoma State University Horn Studio Warm-Up Book.


Drop the Beat

The Drop the Beat Warm-Up is the warm-up that is used by the Oklahoma State University Horn Studio, under the direction of Lanette Lopez-Compton ( I helped compile the current edition of the warm-up book and this is a condensed version of it; this version goes over the basic exercises used in the everyday warm-up. I use several of these exercises in my daily warm-up.